Why use HDPE material on BenBest folding table?

Benbest uses HDPE as raw materials for most tables and chairs. Why we use this material?


High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. As one of the most versatile plastic materials, HDPE plastic is used in a wider variety of applications, including various bottles, cutting boards, piping and folding furniture industry. After Known for the outstanding tensile strength and large strength to density ratio, HDPE plastic has a high-impact resistance and melting point.

HDPE often replaces heavier materials which help manufacturers and individuals alike pursue sustainable and affordable manufacturing and project goals. Thanks to its high malleability, rigid strength, and corrosion resistance. HDPE is the perfect combination of strength, cost-efficiency, and environmental friendliness, that’s the most important reason most blow machine work this materials very well.


One of the primary benefits of this plastic material comes from its inherent malleability. With this in mind, HDPE in particular excels. Thanks to a high melting point, HDPE remains rigid until very high temperatures. However, once it’s reached its melting point, the plastic material can be quickly and efficiently molded for use across a variety of unique applications.

HDPE resists mold, mildew, and rotting, making it the ideal material for underground piping used to deliver water. Long-lasting and weather-resistant, HDPE can be sterilized by boiling, making it an ideal material for food and beverage containers. Additionally, HDPE can withstand most strong mineral acids and bases and has excellent resistance to naturally occurring chemicals found in soil. Benbest folding tables and chairs will be used outdoor too for events or parties, which means the furniture shall have the function of corrosion resistance, be sturdy enough, and take high capacity of weight. Thanks for the HDPE material, our table can hundred parentage to meet users’ requirement. 


Post time: Nov-07-2022